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Dan has spent more than 20 years directing award-winning documentary films that examine the untold stories of innovative artists, unsung activists, and underground subcultures. He has strong roots in the glass-art community, producing work that focuses on both the American studio glass movement and the often-misunderstood borosilicate pipe movement.

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A renowned glass artist, David has worked with Paul Stankard since 1989, mastering the art of flameworking and building an evolving body of work that captures nature's elegance and remarkable diversity. A newcomer to the world of documentary filmmaking, David was instrumental in bringing all project partners, funders, and storytellers to the table.

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The Storytellers

The Storytellers

Featured Interviewees

A prestigious cast brings Paul's journey into focus.

Film Sponsors

This documentary was made possible by the generous support of the following organizations and individuals.

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Chemglass Life Sciences

Salem Community College

L.H. Selman, Ltd.

Wheaton Arts and Cultural Center

Maureen and David Winigrad


Bergstrom-Mahler Museum of Glass

Associate Producers

Delaware Valley Paperweight Collectors Association

Gloucester County Art League Artists Workshop

of Southern NJ

High Volume Oxygen

His Glassworks

Paperweight Collectors Association

Precision Colored Glass

Schantz Galleries

With Support From
* List Will be Updated Regularly

Fred Ashley

Chris Bethmann

Leo Blake

Rich Brainard

Carl Carter

Common Ground on the Hill

Ann Conlin

Jim D’Onofrio

Wolfgang Finger

Ronald and Mary Gavigan

Glass Paperweight Foundation

Paul Kalb Jr. & Carolyn Jester

Jill Lawlor

Leonard Electric

John McPeak

Charles Meyer

Anne Mininberg

Penn Pizza Palace

Perkins Center for the Arts

Sal's Pizza & Restaurant

Chris Sherwin

Carol Singley

Film Sponsors
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