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Frequently Asked Questions

We'll do our best to answer your questions. If you can't find your answer here, please contact us.

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Film Availability

We get it. You can't wait to see the film. Trust us, we are just as excited as you are to bring this documentary to audiences around the world. But the process takes some time, so please be patient.

When Can I see the Film?

Public screenings and Film Festival premieres are currently being planned. Please check our Screenings page for regular updates. 

Can I show the film at my venue?

Yes. Please email our Educational Distribution Partner, Collective Eye Films, at or fill in the community screening request form to host a screening at your museum, theater, community organization, library or educational institution.

Library and University licensing?

You may obtain a license for your organization via our Educational Distribution Partner, Collective Eye Films. Click this link to explore the licensing options. 

When can I buy a copy?

Our planned release of digital streaming and DVD/Blu Ray discs is late fall/Winter, 2024. 

Why can't I buy the film yet?

Short answer? It's still in the kiln. We're launching our public screening distribution phase in the spring of 2024, targeting broadcast in the Mid-Atlantic region in the summer and fall, and seeking national and international distribution options by winter of 2024.

Can I still sponsor the film?

Yes. We are still seeking tax-deductible donations from organizations and individuals in order to fund international distribution of the documentary. Contact the producers for details.

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